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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Kerry Flap

I don't have many thoughts on the John Kerry gaffe other than the fact that I find it impossible to believe that he really planned on saying what he did. He's a career politician, he would have understood the repercussions of making such a comment. Kerry's instinct for political expedience suggests it really was a mispeak.

However, that doesn't mean it was a mis-thought. Given John Kerry's decorated history of disparaging US soldiers it is increasingly difficult to believe that, on some level, he doesn't truly look down his nose at them. As the Belmont Club asks, "what should prevent him from holding the view that it's so much better to be a lawyer, movie star or senator than it is to be a grunt talking to a sheik in mixed Arabic and sign-language somewhere back of the beyond?"

Almost certainly nothing.

Yet, the most subtley clever response comes not from any Republican or Democrat facing down the home stretch of these midterm elections, but rather from the same men and woman who were the object of Kerry's scorn, half a world away.

Thanks to the internet, word travels fast..... and it goes both ways.

Pic via InstaPundit, who has much more.


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