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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Stooge Galloway

Excuse the language, but what a fucking clown. Here is Gorgeous George Galloway on the UKs celebrity Big Brother.

Yes, this is the George Galloway that never missed an opportunity to proudly show his support for Saddam Hussein. And why not, he was getting paid very well to do so, and he has expressed a sincere fondness of the (formerly) serial rapist and murderer Uday Hussein.

But oh how the mighty have fallen, as even his Islamic extremist friends have turned on him.... issuing a fatwa for his behavior on Big Brother which included "free-mixing, fornication, drinking, nudity, swearing and many other abominable acts..... behaving like a cat (animal) purring at the hands of a woman. This is not surprising as one cannot expect anything more from a person of such low intellect and morality, a representative of those who voted for him."

Too funny.

Well, he's now been kicked out of the big brother house, and just in time too, some serious criminal charges look to be coming his way:
George Galloway faces the prospect of a criminal investigation into his activities by the serious fraud office, which has collected evidence relating to the oil-for-food corruption scandal in Iraq.

A four-strong SFO team returned from Washington with what a source close to US investigators calls "thousands of documents" about the scandal. The team is expected to produce, within the next four weeks, a report for the SFO director, Robert Wardle, as to whether a full criminal investigation should be mounted into UK individuals and companies involved, including Mr Galloway, the Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow.

The SFO is following up two official reports published before Christmas in Washington, which detailed banking evidence that Mr Galloway's wife and his political campaign organisation both received large sums from Saddam Hussein, laundered through under-the-counter oil allocations.

Mr Galloway is unaware of the SFO's activities. He is in the Channel 4 TV show Celebrity Big Brother and cut off from outside contact. He is expected to be evicted from the Big Brother house tonight.
Evicted to convicted.... we can all hope.

More here and here.


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