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Monday, May 01, 2006

United 93 - The Movie


That's about all I can say after seeing 'United 93.' The director, Paul Greengrass, certainly deserves the acclaim he is getting. Obviously this was not an easy film to put together, but he did it masterfully. It was riveting, my reactions were incredibly visceral, I had feelings from places I didn't know I had as all of those raw emotions of September 11th came rushing back. The rage, the sadness, the hope, the confusion, the realization that the world had indelibly changed - that our vacation from history had come to a fiery crashing end.

At times I felt vulnerable, sharing this memory and experience with a room full of strangers, wondering what they were thinking. But at the end I knew, the emotions in the room were palpable - it could have been any one of us on that plane.

There was not a single empty seat in the theatre (we tried to go to an earlier show, but it was also sold out) and when the film came to its end, not one person moved, all of us sat in dead silence staring up at the empty screen. At some point it became ok to begin our exit. No one spoke, as we all walked out in somber silence in the manner one would exit a funeral. I have never, in my life had an experience even remotely close to that, and at a movie theatre no less.

Amazing. Do not miss this film on the big screen, do not miss the chance to sit and reflect on this with a room full of Americans that you do not know.

Some other, worthwhile thoughts here. And be sure and read this review from Todd Beamer's father if you have not already done so.


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