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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Two Great Comments

These two comments are related only in so far as I found them both an absolute joy to read, perhaps because of their ability to strip away the garbage that seems to surround the truths of their respective subjects? Whatever. Read on.

The first from Dean's World regular Arnold Harris

I haven't weighed in on any of this Foley scandal stuff. Mainly because I don't really think its very scandalous.

Most of my life, I thought homosexuality of any kind was disgusting and ought to be stamped out. That was then. Now is now.

Having changed my mind on this topic completely a couple of years ago or so, I now think anybody else's sexuality is none of my business. Moreover, I think that what Foley did was only the concern of him, the congressional staffers in question, and the voters of his congressional district in south Florida.

As for teen-age pages in Congress. Teen-agers everywhere start fucking at about the age of 13 or 14. If they are heterosexual, they will fuck members of the opposite sex. If they are homosexual, they will fuck members of their own sex.

I don't think there was a time in all human history where this kind of behaviour has not taken place. Moreover, men and women of power, such as US congresspersons, naturally attract the attention of youngsters of both sexes. These kinds gravitate to Washington because they can all but smell the power that flows out from that place.

And when they get there, they will fuck congressmen in order to make their way through the power system of Washington, for the same reason their counterparts who gravitate to Hollywood will do the very same thing to attract the attention of motion picture producers and directors.

And much the same applies to the altar boys who get fucked by the priests in so many heavenly palaces of the mary folks.

There is no cure for the whorehouses of Hollywood or the shadier aspects of the roman international. Because there are too many willing young bodies and the old lechers who will take advantage of them.

But for Washington, the cure is easy. Stop hiring teen-agers to serve as congressional aides. Middle-aged men and women can do such work probably even better than the kids, and people old enough to have grown beer bellies attract few sexual predators.

Besides which, people who don't want to be accused of gay-bashing ought to shut the hell up about what folks do on an american style date, as long as rape is not involved.

Arnold Harris
Mount Horeb WI

Heh heh heh. I love the simple truth in that.

The second by 'Subsunk' over at the Mudville Gazette in the midst of a great discussion on whether or not momentum has been lost in Iraq. Really this is just the best of many.


"The laws of physics do not apply to politics"

Absolutely true. I agree with the gist of your post. I also think that American politics has no place on a battlefield. None. Politics has a function in Iraq. It is to convince the Iraqis that it will be less costly and more profitable for them to join the new Iraqi government rather than to snipe, bomb, lie and steal from/at the US. The function of politics in this case is to convince them they have lost their last war, and that they will receive friendlier and more profitable treatment if they will only stop fighting and join those who wish to end their "little war" (and it is a little war) and see a brighter future.

We can't quit. We have to see it through to the end no matter how long or how difficult it is with the resources we have. Your analogies are fine examples to me.

Additionally, I see many examples in the media of how some see the insurgency growing because Americans have killed some innocents or supposed innocents in Iraq, and their families have now determined to fight America wherever it shows its face. Liberals believe this just grows more enemies, and they are correct that families of those killed innocently will never love us.

But the majority of those killed in Iraq today are killed by other Muslims or other Iraqis. How does this play into the theme that all Iraqis are motivated by our killing and our killing alone? Why assume that our enemies are growing at a greater rate than our allies in Iraq? And it also begs the question as to how, if Saddam killed so many of his subjects, he could keep from ever building such a huge insurgency in Iraq that he would never have been able to retain control --- and we all certainly agree he retained complete control in Iraq during his reign, don't we? Any Dhimmis wish to comment on that?

The answer, of course, is that fear will greatly outweigh the anger of revenge. When you fear more for your family's lives than your thirst for revenge, you will hold your fire, hide your arms, and stop killing just because your fear for your own life or the lives of those most precious to you over and above your desire to kill the man who killed your brother. This is shown in all kinds of examples in America today. We allow our justice system to exact the punishment for murderers instead of me having to kill the SOB who raped my daughter, or you having ti kill the person who killed your wife in a car accident. The Amish attend their childrens' killer's funeral to forgive. Reginald Denny forgives the brutes who bashed his head in with a cinder block during the LA riots. The list is long and distiguished in the extreme. Muslims have their own set of these people and they are wise as well.

There is insufficient fear of America in Iraq today, and this will not change because we are not that kind of people. We don't demand fear of ourselves or of our actions. We demand respect, and irrational hatred and revenge do not understand respect. Were we to work towards instilling fear, we most certainly could prevail in Iraq quickly, a little more painlessly on our part, and a whole lot more painfully on the Iraqis part.

And we would lose the war on Islamofascism. Utterly and Totally. You think we have no friends now, try winning friends once you've carpet bombed Baghdad, leveled Ramadi and obliterated Haditha. Extermination of pests works very effectively and certainly instills sufficient fear or removes sufficient motivation for revenge if you know your entire family, all your lands and property, and everything you hold dear will be obliterated if you poke the sleeping monster one more time.

So we are stuck with the war we have. Too kind to kill them all, and too compassionate to just completely give up, leave the place and allow the pests to eliminate each other, allow a victor certain to emerge (whom, if we like him we allow him to be friendly with us, and if we hate him, we begin anew and kill all his supporters while waiting to see who replaces him after another bloody five years of civil war).

We stand in the way of them killing themselves, saving them from each other, and we take the feeble poundings they give us in the meantime because they are stupid children who don't know any better and we must suffer their "slings and arrows" until they grow up and stand on their own two feet and learn to take care of themselves, including eliminating and imprisoning their miscreants and killers of children on their own.

It's Hell being the babysitter sometimes, ain't it?


Some powerful stuff, that. I humbly bow to the blogosphere!


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