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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Misfit Pumpkins 2006

Our Halloween pumpkin carving weekend has turned into a nice little tradition out at our "second home." I somehow managed to not get any pictures of ourselves doing the work, but maybe that's cause I was too busy with beer and pumpkin guts.

Going in, we weren't quite sure how we would top last year's band of Misfit Pumpkins, so we doubled the pumpkins and upped the creativity. I think you'll agree that we did in fact outdo ourselves.

So, let me present the Misfit Pumpkins of 2006!

(click any images for a larger versions)

Here are some close-ups, this first one, cannibal pumpkin, is mine.

Here are the second group of 4 we did, Totem Pumpkins

At night, the bottom one looks like a ribcage and vital organs, eh?

I just love the fiery eye effect here:

And note how bright orange the inside of the bat pumpkin appears here:

Here they are, as dusk descends, the Misfit Pumpkins ready to go out and raise havoc!

I think we have our work cut out for us next year.

Happy Halloween!


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