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Friday, August 11, 2006


Via Dean Esmay (I even copied his post title) comes more footage of the famed Green Helmet guy carrying more dead children for the cameras.

(Remember Green Helmet guy? He's featured prominently in this post that I linked to Wednesday, which has been updated and is worth another look, wailing lady has also made a few more appearances.)

This is raw footage however and shows him loading a dead child into an ambulance, then removing the body, directing the camera to take another and better shot, and then finally re-loading the body after posing the corpse for the camera of course. Oh and there is even a picture of him doing this 10 years ago! Disgusting.

Click on over to Dean's World and watch the video there because I have no idea how to post it here.

Oh and the times being what they are, he's also found time to start his own blog.



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