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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Well, the mainstream media is really playing the role of useful idiots for Hezbollah's public relations campaign. Charles Johnson is again at the tip of the spear in uncovering doctored and staged photos. There are too many links to post, but start with this very thorough background of all questionable photos. It's jawdropping, and were this not so serious, the fraud would be incredibly comical. Some of these pictures and captions are simply absurd taken as a whole. Go read it all.

Moreover, Hezbollah is threatening reporters:
Party of God threatens to kill reporters. Richard Engel of NBC news admits:

"They've not tried to stop us filming other events while we're in the field, but they have, on several occasions, threatened reporters here in Tyre, south Lebanon. From the location where we're standing right now, we've been able to see, today and on other days, outgoing Katyusha rockets. And on more than one occasion people from Hezbollah have come and said, "Do not film the locations of these rockets when they're being launched."

At one time, when we were talking and having a conversation with this Hezbollah representative, he said, "Look, we're serious, we will kill you if you film these outgoing rockets." So it is a threat, but when we've been out in the field, we've not had situations where they told us to stop filming.

There is much much more, all of it very telling.

(links via InstaPundit)


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