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Friday, July 14, 2006

Raining Chaos

North Korea is testing missiles and stealing trains from China. India's transit system gets bombed and later that day some people in Chicago are crawling out of a hole in the street because a subway car derailed and caught fire. The same train I take to and from work every day, by the way.

And if all of that doesn't get your heart going, this story will. I'm not a huge fan of the death penalty, but cases like this are why it's nice to have around. Yeah, I know, nobody was killed.... but still, it seems to be about the right punishment for the mother fockers.

But all of that is yesterday's news, overshadowed by Israel's retaliation against Hezbollah in Lebanon and the strong possibility that they could start hitting the real patrons - Iran and Syria. A widening of the war in the Middle East is a scary proposition, but I think I am in agreement with Dave Price - enough with the proxy wars! Iran is constantly attacking Israel via their Hezbollah proxies, yet they never face any consequences so they keep on going. Indeed, Iran, Syria, Hamas, all of the agitators over there count on the fact that Israel (as well as the United States) will avoid war at all costs and they use it as a bargaining chip; 'If you don't want all out war, you better concede xyz, because we are just crazy enough to start one!" So, in 2000 Israel pulls out of Lebanon, then a year or so ago, they pull out Gaza. Fat a lot of good that did. Today they are suffering under almost daily attacks from Lebanon and Gaza, while several soldiers are now held hostage.

I would look for some more direct retaliations aimed at Syria and Iran in the coming weeks, it's time for the string pullers to pay some costs.

The most thorough coverage is from Pajamas Media. Just keep on scrolling.

Chester has a the best single post summary and speculation of the bigger picture that I've read. Check it out, it's quite informative.


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