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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gay Pride Parade

Yes, I've wondered the same thing, isn't any parade at least a little bit gay? I think so.

The lady and I never miss the Chicago Gay Pride Parade, there are few things more amusing than spending a summer day drinking beer with friends and getting sensory overload in the form of colors and people watching.

Oh my... the people watching!

I took a bunch of pictures this year, about 175, to help a friend with his annual gay pride parade photo gallery project. I'll post a link when he completes the 2006 version, but for now, here's a preview:

George Takai was the Grand Marshall:

Not many good looking blonds in the parade:

No exception above, that's a man!

Colors everywhere, and so many people on rooftops and balconies.

Even the local lumber company was representin'

I'll throw up a link when the gallery is complete. Much, much more to follow.

Happy 4th of July!


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