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Monday, March 20, 2006

Two Links

First, an enlightening post from Mohammed at Iraq the Model:

The smoke faded away and we woke up to see all the chains gone and instead of the God-president and his iron grip over our destinies, we found ourselves without a guide, without any guidance but our long buried primitive nature, the long repressed nature of loving freedom and practicing it.

The change began then, at that moment where reason mixed with sentiments; were we free... or, were we lost?

Actually it was a lot of both and there was also a sense of great relief that the terrifying warnings from hundreds of thousands of deaths, famine and mass refugees were not true at that point, on the contrary the military operation itself was clean and successful by all standards and didn't cause any serious harm to the civilian population, the infrastructure, or the marching troops.

Saddam was gone and suddenly Iraqis and Americans found themselves face to face in a place that felt new to both of them. They knew almost nothing about each other as the prison Saddam built around us left the world with little knowledge about Iraqis except for the whispers of Iraqis who fled the horrors of the tyrant.

Read the whole thing.

In a related note, Dean Esmay offers this:
The Iraq operation follows a sadly predictable pattern. We endure months of non-stop negative press caused by one thing and one thing only: horrible fascist murderers set off bombs in a few of Iraq's provinces, and some street thugs murder each other in reprisal. Then, we get a spate of undeniably fantastic news that the press just can't keep a lid on. Then, back to making fascists who murder innocents the media darlings of the day.

Lather, rinse, repeat. It's happened in 3-6 months cycles ever since we toppled Saddam's fascist, terrorist-sponsoring, mass-murdering regime. I expect it'll keep going that way for a few more years. Those of us who feel duty-bound to point it all out will just have to keep repeating ourselves, hoping we'll be heard.
So, since this all needs to be pointed out all over again periodically, here we go again:

Read the rest.

Dean asks why we must continually point this out, I've come to the conclusion that it is almost exclusively about Bush and not wanting anything to possibly reflect well on him. Sadly, even so called 'progressive' causes take a back seat to Bush hatred.


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