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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Tale of Two Protests?

The spotlight around Cindy Sheehan is dimming, so she's taken a page from the Jesse Jackson playbook and has gotten herself arrested. Any possibility that this wasn't premeditated is betrayed by the smile on her face as the police carry her off. Several years in, and the anti-war movement still cannot find any traction, but instead slip deeper into their own anti-American abyss. They are not anti-American because they protest, but because of who they are.

Glenn Reynold's recommended Googling the names of some of the anti-war protesters in press accounts. The results are striking. Five years ago, the media would have gotten away with these false portrayals, but no more. Jeff Goldstein has helped see to that in this methodic deconstruction of a
an anti-war puff piece. But really, as brilliant as Goldstein's post is, one only needs to look at some pictures from this weekend's protests. They really have reached the point of self-refutation:

A lover of peace if I have ever seen one.

Lots of time for fucking apparently...

...and other nonsense

Let me guess, this guy opposes torture?

Paranoia? More like conventional wisdom... to some.

Now, lets contrast those with some images of the 'Support the Troops' counter protests.

Yes, she is a real soldier, just enlisted.

I have no doubt that each side had their share of wack jobs, Dave Adesnik objectively covers that. Still, perhaps John Edwards was right, there are two Americas. I'm proud to say that I am a part of the latter.... I bet a lot of swing voters are too.

Note: More photos here if you need them, including some Iraqis that showed up to counter-protest. They weren't received particularly well and were eventually denounced as undercover CIA agents.

More protest pics

More anti-war pics here and also here


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