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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Some Links

Just a few quality posts I read over the last few weeks but never got around to linking:

First, these couple of uncharacteristically short yet succinct posts from the Belmont Club deserve to be read in tandem. They are definitely worth your five minutes.... plus Wretchard uses the 's' word. Excerpt from Write for Your Life:
Most everyone knows someone who has intentionally endured a slight or injustice to demonstrate, to all the world, that they are indeed the aggrieved party. We have heard them describe the elaborate fantasies: 'then everyone will see' ... 'it will be undeniable that I' ... 'it will be clear that he', as they imagine themselves established in the right by the bestial behavior of the Other. In fact, no one gives a shit. People who willingly endure humiliation in the expectation of justification wind up with the humiliation sans the justification.

The two most common reasons given for the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza were that it would shorten Israeli defense lines and prove to all the world that Israel was willing to make concessions for peace and therefore confer upon it the 'moral high ground'. Of the two expected benefits, only the benefits of shortened defense lines will be realized. As to achieving the moral high ground, let us turn to the Times of London.

Read the rest, then click on Helplessly Hoping.

Western Phalanx asks some existential questions on truth and being, some interesting comments follow.

And finally the internet video of the month is definitely iconoclastic lefty Christopher Hitchens debating British MP and Saddam loyalist George Galloway. The video can be found here, and it's about as shrill and cantankerous as one would expect and in front of a racous crowd. Hitchens' follow up column is here.


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