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Thursday, August 11, 2005


I'm busy. And by busy I mean moderately busy at work, but more busy enjoying a summer that's not getting any younger. Busy sharing drinks and BBQs with friends, busy spending time along our beautiful waterfront, and in the water. Busy spending some late nights with friends and busy watching other friends get married. Among other things.

So, what I am saying is, don't expect much posting here over the next few weeks, it's the dog days and news is notoriously slow. If you really miss me that much feel free to browse through some older posts. I'll post some summer pictures of my own eventually.

In the meantime, I may link to some interesting pieces here and there, but check out Michael Yon's reporting. He's filed some amazing dispatches, with pictures from the front lines. I mean pictures of hidden weapons caches(!) how cool is that! This guy really is doing Pulitzer level reporting.

Until then....


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