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Friday, May 06, 2005

Chicago Legends

Last week in Chicago a major federal indictment was unleashed and some of the most reputed members of the Chicago mafia were swept up. But the whereabouts of Joey "the Clown" Lombardo, perhaps the most well known Chicago mobster since Al Capone, was unknown. Lombardo once took out a newspaper ad proclaiming that he is not a mobster, and another time cut out eyeholes in a Chicago Sun-Times newspaper which he used to cover his face while passing photographers. The image was immortalized in a famous photograph and is what earned him the nickname "The Clown." This is the stuff that Chicago Lore is made from, and it's time for a new chapter. On the heels of last weeks indictments, Lombardo sent a letter to Judge James Zagel who is handling the case.

It's funny how the mafia can be romanticized. I love The Sopranos, I love Goodfellas and the Godfather (except III of course, but nobody liked that one). You get the idea that these are such elite Machiavellian men that live by some strict, old world code that pedestrians like myself really can't nor want to understand. You think all that stuff about them, until you read Lombardo's grammar butchering, almost child like letter. (Actual photo of the letter here.)
Honarable Judge Zagel,

I am writing you a letter to let you know that I am not hiding to avoid the charges against me.

#1 I anticipate there will be no bond

#2 I want a seperate trial, which I will not get

#3 Majority of the other defendants I do not know.

4 There is not one defendant in this case that I recieved 1 penney or did I give them 1 penny.

5 I am no part of a enterprise or racketering .

6 Have no part in the poker machines, extorcinate loans, gambling and what ever else the indictment says.

7 About the 18 murders in the indictment, I want you to know that I was not privy before the murders, during the murders, and after the murders, and to this present writing to you.

Judge I went through two trials and was found guilty in both cases I got 15 years + 5 yrs probation, and 14 yrs on the other. There was not a witness, or evidence against me that I intended a crime. Well your going to say that jury herd the evidence and found me guilty. How many, many, manny innocent people are there in jail.

I read in the paper where 3 ladies were rape at 3 different times and all 3 indentified the same person. He was convicted and sent to prison by the jury. Like you will say the jury heard the evidence and found him guilty. Tank God for D.N.A. It freed him.

Tranlation - I don't know nothing about nothing, and that's not why I'm hiding anyway!

Now a little more rambling, followed by some downright pleading with a dash of obligatory complaints about the inherent unfairness of the criminal justice system.

It's the same with the Rossetti case I read in the paper. One defendant pleaded guilty to rape & murder for a deal for the state 12 years instead of life in prison for his testimony against his 3 or 4 other defendants. They were all convicted and sent to jail for life. Again by a jury who heard the evidence. Thank God for D.N.A. They were all free including the man who confessed for the 12 years. I could go on, and on, and on with cases. How's about the innocent people that where found guilty by a jury and do not have D.N.A. to free them.

Judge I am in dire strate at this time at 76 yr old to live my life peaceful until I die

If I get 10 yrs I will be 86 yrs old, and 20 yrs I will be 96 yrs old. Will I live 10 yrs? Will I live 20 yrs

Medical care in prison is a farce. I went 3 times with chest pain and 3 cardiograms they said I had a enlarged heart take 1 aspirn a day. 1 month later I was released had chest pain went to the hospital took a angiogram and found I had artery 98% blocked. Had angioplasty the same day. Since my release 1993 Ive had 2 or 3 angioplasty and 3 stents put in.

So judge you know what my thinking is, and why I did not answer the indictment. Judge I want you to know that I am not a violent man in anyway shape or form. I do not own or have any weapons of any kind. If the F.B.I. should find me I will come peacefully and no resistence at all.

Translation - If you do find me I promise I'll come peacefully, without a struggle, please no knee in the back or face in the hood of a squad car or any other form of tune-ups from Chicago's finest, I might break my hip!

He concludes, kind of:

If you have any ideas or suggestion of what I should do, notify my lawyer he could reach me by the media

Thank you


Joe Lombardo

A Innocent Man

P.S. The govt has 98% convictions.

PSS. Like they say they could indict a hamburger for murder & get a conviction


P.SS Judge with the pre publicity I do not have a chance. The media made me a 10 headed monster. How does a innocent person defend himself?

P.S.S.S. Judge the other reason for a seperate trial is after they go to trial I will have my attorney suppeana them to be wittiness. All of them.

If I go to trial with them they do not have to take the stand.

Excuse the mispelt words and also my grammar. English was my worst subject in school.

1. Give me a $50,000 reconiance bond

2. A seperate trial by myself after the other defendants go to trial

3 Then I will turn myself in with my lawyer

This is a Chicago mob boss? I find myself laughing (English was my worst subject in school!) and pitying the guy all at the same time. Maybe that's his strategy.... How funny is it that one of the first things he says in the letter is he knows there will be no bond, and then at the end he demands a bond of only $50,000, and a seperate trial in a rigged justice system that could convict a hamburger for doing nothing. And then all of those PSs and PSSSSSs PPPPSSs, I half expected for him to end it with the signature junior high girl acronym of B/F/F. The random incoherence of the letter is shocking, it's almost impossible to believe that he is guilty. How could someone who writes like such a simpleton run one of the largest organized crime rings in the country? Speechless.....

PS Needless to say the Judge rejected Lombardo's offer.

P.SS Joey, if you or any of your 'friends' as they say are reading this, I am just kidding and I know you are innocent.


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