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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Why Oh Why Don't You Answer Our Calls?!?!

I guess this is good news:

CAIRO -- An Internet journal purportedly issued by Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia appeared for the first time in several months Wednesday and asked why Muslims on the Arabian Peninsula have not heeded a call to hunt down Americans.

The magazine Sawt al-Jihad, or Voice of Holy War, said its reappearance was one of the last orders of Saud Homood Obaid al-Otaibi, a wanted militant killed in a battle with security forces in the central Saudi town of Rass on April 3. Al-Otaibi was No. 7 on the Saudi government's list of the 26 most wanted militants.

The group "Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula," the name used by the Saudi branch of Al Qaeda, posted the journal on an Islamic Web site known as a clearinghouse for militant statements.

It is thought that the magazine was suspended because of the intensive Saudi crackdown on the group. The opening article of Wednesday's issue refers to the fighting in Iraq and Saudi Arabia and asks readers: "Those who weren't able to respond to the call of jihad, what deters you from hunting down Americans, killing the enemies of God, the crusaders and apostates in the Arabian Peninsula and other countries?"

Wait, I thought our actions over the past couple of years were supposed to inflame the Arab Steet. Perhaps they have learned that hunting Americans is a health hazard?

Update:Chrenkoff has before and after photographic proof of the health hazards. Ha!!


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