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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Protesting Cats

Caterpillar is having their shareholders meeting in our building today. They sell bulldozers to Israel who of course bulldoze the houses of suicide bombers. That makes Caterpillar part of the International Zionist Conspiracy. So that brings out the protesters of course. There is a bunch of them outside our building screaming about how Israel is a killer and chanting "ISRAEL KILLED RACHEL CORRIE!" They have someone dressed as a grim reaper. There is a counter protest across the street holding such signs as "No solidarity with terrorism" and waving American and Israeli flags. The consensus in the office here is that the protesters need a shower. I guess their message isn't particularly clear.

Anyway, during lunch I walked outside to look around, a guy holding a national socialist paper approached me and showed me the cover.

Him: 300,000 Iraqis protested our occupation of Iraq over the weekend!

Me: Yeah, but 8,000,000 voted in January.


Me: Protest is patriotoc, you should know that. They are only being patriotic.


Now I'm back at my desk.

I wish I had my camera phone with me..... I'll update later if anything exciting happens on my way home.


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