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Thursday, March 10, 2005

He's Back!

This is some good news. Brett Favre is coming back to play at least one more season for the Green Bay Packers.

“It came down to his wife and she’s doing well in her recovery,” Sherman said. “She wants him to play. He said he’s looking forward to playing — hopefully without any off-the-field situations and ’enjoying the journey.“’

The three-time MVP said after the Packers’ playoff loss to Minnesota in January that he wanted to reflect before committing to playing a 15th NFL season following a year of personal tumult.

His wife, Deanna, was diagnosed with breast cancer in October, a week after the death of her 24-year-old brother in an ATV accident on the quarterback’s property in Mississippi.

And Favre was still dealing with the stunning news of Reggie White’s death on the day after Christmas, which came about a year after the death of Favre’s father, Irv, from a heart attack.

“After the season, he just needed to think about some things,” Sherman said. “Any man would have to contemplate his future when his wife is fighting cancer. It’s not like he had to work to make money. He didn’t want to be a part-time husband and a part-time football player. It came down to his wife. If she’s not healthy, it’s obviously a different ballgame. But now she’s doing good. She wants him to play.”
I was lucky enough to see Barry Sanders play in person a few times in my life and of course growing up in Chicago allowed me to see the dominating, once in a generation artistry of Michael Jordan up close. There are so few athletes that climb to that class of the elite of the elites and when they leave the game, I have that sunken feeling - The game will never be this exciting again.

Well, for at least one more year, it will be.


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