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Friday, January 14, 2005

Poll Numbers

Iraq The Model links to a poll that has been making the rounds in the blogosphere as of late. Keep in mind this is a poll of Iraqis that live in by far the most dangerous part of the country. These are quite heartening numbers (not withstanding the flaws of the terrorist question, how is "terrorist" defined in this? No doubt some Iraqis look at the US as a "terrorists".)

-The poll was of 4974 Iraqis living in and around Baghdad.

2-Will the security problems cause you to?
Not come out and vote the day of elections = 18.3%
Come out and vote the day of elections = 78.3%
No opinion = 3.4%

3-Do you support military action against the terrorists?
Yes = 87.7 %
No = 11.1%
Don't Know = 1.2%

If these numbers hold up, Iraq will have a voter turnout much higher than we've had in the states for as long as I can remember. We'll see in about 2 weeks.

Side note: By my calculation this will be only the third election in the Arab world in recent time. One thing they have in common is they all will have taken place only in occupied lands - Afghanistan, Palestine, and Iraq.


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