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Saturday, November 20, 2004


Yeah, it's about two weeks late, but things have been awful serious around here recently so it's time to lighten it up a bit. I think our one and only Stephen Green was right when he said:
Claws down, Halloween is the best holiday there ever could be, except those involving lots of presents. And in my mind, presents are the only reason birthdays and Christmas get billing over the Big Scary.
October 31, 2004 confirmed it for me. The little lady and I went to a fantastic Halloween party. Late in the night/early in the morning I was playing flip cup... amongst players on the opposing team were two guys dressed as cops. About the time Game 2 started I heard someone yell that "the cops are here!"

"No shit I'm playing flip cup with them!" I said laughing. Then I turned around and saw two real Chi Police standing in the living room. Now the Chicago Police only bust up a party that is either a) full of underage kids drinking, or b) full of drugs. This one was neither so they told us to either turn down the music or close the windows. I'm not sure which we did if any, but they left and we continued. Anyway, here are our (our=the (unoffical) wife and I) Halloween costumes. We were "His and Hers Forest Creatures" she made the costumes.

If for some reason you are interested, you can see more pictures from the party here. There's even pictures of the fake cops. We also won 50 bucks that night in the costume contest. Nice.


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