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Friday, September 17, 2004

The Gender Gap

The Chicago Tribune reports:

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Teresa Conway is hardly a by-the-book Republican.

Four years ago, she supported then-Vice President Al Gore. But since casting that Democratic ballot, she married, had two children and has gradually become a devoted supporter of President Bush. She doesn't mind parting ways with the Republican Party on abortion and gay rights, explaining: "We really can't get into those things until we are safe."


"There are Sept. 10 people and Sept. 11 people and I'm a Sept. 11 person. It scared the life out of me," said Conway, 31. "I'm not one of those hard-core, all Republicans, all the time, but I don't believe there is another man alive that could run this country better with respect to our safety."
Wow, sounds a lot like the sentiments I have heard my girlfriend and her mother express over the last 3 years - both live in/are from Chicago.

Some are saying that Illinois is now in play but I doubt it. Statewide, Illinois is Democratic powerhouse and the Illinois Republican party has less mojo than a John Kerry corpse. However, this trend is likely indicative of a wider trend, if not nationally, at least in the Mid West and without a solid majority of women voters there is no possible way for Kerry to win this.


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