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Thursday, July 08, 2004


When I started this blog I thought it would last forever... then about 6 months in, I didn't know if I would make it another week. It's been just over a year now and I think it is time for a break. I just got a new job which is going to demand a lot of my time, at least initially, plus I could use a break from this heavy subject matter. Reading and pondering war, torture, and massacre every day takes a toll. So I will be gone for at least a month, maybe two, maybe forever. I don't know. If you need something to do, click through my 'Past Entries' on the right or check out some of the fantastic blogs that are just below, those guys never get tired!

I am going to enjoy summer in Chicago and learn a new job and (attempt) to forget about all the trouble in the world for a while.

Check that, I was going to start to enjoy summer but some freakin junkie broke into my apartment and stole my computer. I guess enjoyment will have to wait another day or so.... sigh.


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