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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Aww Christ!

This is an organization that for years has systematically covered up the molestation of children and still can't bring itself to live by a zero tolerance policy. An organization that views gay marriage as evil, but feels compassion for Saddam Hussein. An organization that now compares the acts of monsters like Hussein to that of U.S. drug companies that create jobs and lead the global advancement of medicine. Once again the Vatican shows that it just doesn't get it:

"Today, at least 400 people die in Kenya every day because of AIDS. Yet in Europe and North America it is no longer a fatal disease, it is only a chronic disease," said Father Angelo D'Agostino, a Jesuit priest who runs an AIDS orphanage in Nairobi.

"Why the difference? It is the genocidal action of the drug cartels who refuse to make the drugs affordable in Africa even after they reported a 517 billion dollar profit in 2002."
Apparently, working to create drugs that can actually treat AIDS is not enough, Western drug companies are now responsible for raising Africa's standard of living. Despite any prayers to the contrary, there is simply no way to "make drugs affordable." Prices are not just arbitrary numbers assigned to a product - they convey information, they tell us of the resources and trade-offs necessary for a certain output. If the price of drugs are "high" that is because the cost of researching and manufacturing them is also high. If the Vatican believes that drugs can cost less, they are free to show lead the way by assembling a team of researchers and developers that hold advanced degrees and will work for free. Otherwise, STOP condemning those that are actually doing something to help the problem and START codemning the culture of political corruptions and the conditions that feed its persistence.


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