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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

So many ideas, so little time, or desire, or whatever.

It's that time I guess, holidays, birthdays, and news so slow that evening news outlets are leading with items such as its cold in Chicago and shopper horror stories. On top of that, it's the busiest month of the year work wise. I have three partially written items I'd like to post, but am still struggling to organize them into coherence and not just leave them half finished forever, like I usually do. Anyways.....

I've discovered several new Iraqi blogs as of late (some of which are mentioned below.) Judging by the number of comments their posts are generating they are attracting a lot of readers. We hear all the time about technological advancements 'revolutionizing' the world - and they do of course. But this kind of revolution in action really captures the essence of the word, the essence of human struggle and triumph. What a fascinating thing! The ability to read AND trade unfiltered thoughts with citizens of a country we just invaded and liberated on such a scale is truly unique in history. For the first time in their lives, these men can dream and have a rational hope for the future of their once great country. For the first time in their lives they can think, speak and act freely, without fear of torture and death for their families. These blogs offer a unique insight into what is going on in Baghdad, one you won't get from any reporters. I encourage you to check them out if this sort of thing interests you. Here are a few:

Zeyad - Healing Iraq
The Messopotamian

(I've also added these to my "Baghdad's Eye View" roll on the right ---------->

I'll still be reading as much as possible every day so I'll link the good stuff I read here and there, but you likely won't see anything too long and involved posted until mid-January or so.

Enjoy The Holidays!!


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