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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Saddam's Capture - What do Iraqi's think?

Zeyad has translated some poll results published in a daily Baghdad paper, the study was conducted by the Iraqi Center for Research and Strategic Studies (ICRSS). Here are some of the more fascinating results:

Gender of participants:
Male 81%
Female 19%

What was your reaction to Saddam Hussein's capture?

Overwhelming joy 59%
Shock and confusion 20%
Sadness 16%
None of my concern 5%

Are you personally convinced that it was really Saddam who was captured?

Yes 86.9%
No 13.1%

Do you think that Saddam deserves a fair trial?

Yes 84%
No 16%

Do you prefer that Saddam be tried by:

An Iraqi court? 60%
An Iraqi court with International advisors? 15%
An International court of justice? 25%

What is the fair judgment you believe Saddam deserves?

Execution 56%
Imprisonment 25%
Clemency 19%

What do you think a speedy trial of Saddam would achieve?

It would prevent an internal schism or conflict 45%
It would ensure security and stability 30%
It would increase chaos 14%
It would help end the occupation 10%
Others 1%

How do you think Saddam's capture would affect the resistance?

Decrease resistance activities 53%
Increase resistance activities 27%
Cessation of resistance 20%

How do you see Saddam's capture?

He surrendered without resistance 52.4%
He was drugged or anaesthetized 31.5%
He was taken by surprise 12.6%
Others 3.4%

Which is more important to you?

Providing security 54.9%
Providing fuel 35.8%
Saddam's capture 34.4%
Providing electricity 28.8%
Improving the economic situation 5.3%

Do you agree that those who suffered from the regime should be compensated?

Yes 12%
No 88%

Jeez, over here we've decided that fat people should be compensated for eating too much and being fat.

The last few questions ask whether or not Saddam's various atrocities (gassing Kurds, invading Kuwait, mass graves, etc.) were justified or criminal. All by at least an 80-20 margin were thought to be crimes. That is of course, except the attack of Israel, that was about 80-20 in favor of justified.
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