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Sunday, November 09, 2003

New Look, Same Great Content
Limited html skills means lots of tedious work, but I got through it with some patience, a couple books, and a few beers. I learned a lot too, though the transfer didn't go perfectly, you might notice some odd characters where quotation marks or apostrophes should be. Font issues that I can't quite solve. I'll fix it all manually sooner or later. I've also (FINALLY!) built in permalinks so each individual post can be linked to. (If I'd known it would only take 30 seconds I would have done that much much sooner.) Also note the list of my past columns, they are generally a collection of longer, more comprehensive pieces I've written and there's more that to be added. What an improvement though huh?

Special thanks to Jason Shellen who's website I downloaded the template from, and thanks for Google for helping me find him of course.


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