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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

The Carnival of the Capitalists!
The Carnival of the Vanities is a year long running collection of the week's best blog posts. October 12 marked the first edition of the Carnival of the Capitalists, a "weekly roundup intended to be a "Best Of the Blogosphere" for posts covering business, economics, stocks, accounting, taxes, business law, and related topics."

I've been meaning to link to it regularly, however the overhaul of my site and the usual life obligations relegated it to the bin of "stuff I didn't get to." But enough of the 'dog ate my blog' talk, I'm linking to it now, and not just because they linked and gave a nice endorsement to my Dinesh D'Souza review. I swear. So the link to this weeks Carnival of the Capitalists is here
and you can find the link to my piece on D'Souza below the "Capitalism as a Force for Good" category. Browse through it all, there is much worth considering.

Going forward I'll post a weekly link to the new Carnival of the Capitalists entries as well as a permalink to them all on the right, the first four collections can be found below.

4th Edition
3rd Edition
2nd Edition
1st Edition


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