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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

After two years of warnings from clapped-out Arabists that the incendiary "Arab Street" was about to explode in anti-American rage across the Middle East, it remains as unrousable as ever. Instead, it is the explosive European street that remains implacably pro-Saddam, pro-Yasser, pro-jihad, pro-Taliban misogynist homophobes, pro-anyone as long as they are anti-American.
--- Mark Steyn

What are they protesting exactly? I heard of plans to "chase Bush" and spill some red paint around town, presumably to represent the blood of Iraqi's. If that's the case, London's left is way way late to the party. Saddam killed close to 15,000 in Halabja in just a few days and so far 300,000 Iraqi's have been found in mass graves. Where were they then? (How many is 300,000? Go here and see.)

How much protest, pomp, and paint was on display when Robert Mugabe made his visit? How many rhyming signs were held up condemning the bombings in Turkey last week? The motivation of the protests is not to aid the citizens of Iraq, it is to demonstrate their superior enlightenment by being "against violence" and for "peace." But what peace are they for? Saddam's Iraq was certainly not a peaceful stable place. Under his control Iraq went to war with Iran, invaded Kuwait, used chemical weapons on his own people, supported international terrorism, and spent years in defiance of UN resolutions.

So tell me, what exactly are you protesting for!?!? Iraqi citizens right to live under the most oppressive conditions? Their right to be dropped into industrial plastic shredders head OR feet first? Saddam's right to sovereignty? Hah! Saddam rose to power by the barrel of a gun, and then stayed in power through methods much much worse. What possible moral claim to sovereignty does he have?

Despite the protests of the "peace" movement though, freedom of assembly has now been extended to Baghdad. Jeff Jarvis points to some Iraqi bloggers opinion's, here's what Omar had to say:
I was counting days and hours waiting to see an end to that regime, just like all those who suffered the cruelty of that brutal regime.
It's been really a disgrace chasing the world, the world of the 21st. century, reminding it how incapable it was to aid the oppressed and to sue those who dispised all the values of humanity.
Through out these decades I lost trust in the world governments and international committees.
Terms like (human rights, democracy and liberty..etc.)became hallow and meaningless and those who keep repeating these words are liars..liars..liars.
I hated the U.N and the security council and Russia and France and Germany and the arab nations and the islamic conference.
I've hated George Gallawy and all those marched in the millionic demonstrations against the war .It is I who was oppressed and I don't want any one to talk on behalf of me,
I, who was eager to see rockets falling on Saddam's nest to set me free....
Believe me , we were living in the "kingdom of horror".
Please tell me how could the world that claims to be civilized let Saddam launch chemical weapons on his own un-armed people?
Can anyone tell me why the world let Saddam remain and stood against America's will to topple him? ...
You all owe the Iraqi people an apology.

Here's more from another Iraqi, Ay
Today, when I was going to the clinic, I've seen a guy, he is tall, with a black hair, cute face, but he has sad facial expressions. There was something that has attracted me......,
It was his ear, his ear was cut from the upper portion.
At once I remembered Ali the man who was in our neighborhood, Ali had the same ear cut.
Also I remembered a mentally deranged man, he was hiking in Baghdad streets, he had the two ears cut and a burned forehead.
There are many others with those defects.
So, I've decided to write one of the heartrending stories in Iraq:
If my memory serves me right, that was in 1994, Saddam Hussien had given a command that said (( Any soldier who escapes from the conscription must be caught and his ear must be cut ))!!!
Then he had changed the command to be ((Any soldier who escapes from the conscription must be caught and his ear must be cut, and if he has escaped for the second time; the other ear must be cut. For the third time burn his forehead.))!!!!!!
The burn should be a straight horizontal line in the middle of the forehead!!

Follow the link and read the rest. In Nasiriyah, Iraq they are protesting against terrorism and for the coalition, here's a picture. 80% of Iraq is peaceful and the majority of citizens want the U.S. to stay, and the majority of Londoners have a favorable opinion of America. I ask again to the not so silent minority. What are you protesting?


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