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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Cubs!! Michael Moore and (of course) Arnold. Wow, Cubs fever has gone wild! The city is in a frenzy. Their first playoff series win in 95 YEARS!!! It has been a welcome distraction though, at times I let this website stress me out too much. I have to try and keep it fun and not look at it as work, at least not until someone is paying me to do it. Please keep checking, I promise I will have a column up tomorrow, it's on the media and the real story in Iraq. But until this magical Cubs season comes to an end, it will occupy much of my free time.

In the meantime the obnoxious Michael Moore an excerpt from his new book has seven questions for Mr. Bush, which he disgustingly claims to be asking on behalf of the World Trade Center vicitms (sic). Well I don't think Bush will answer but Tim Blair does offer some answers for Mr. Moore that you don't want to miss. And you certainly don't want to miss these hilarious seven questions asked of Mr. Moore here. Ha Ha Ha! (Via InstaPundit)

Also the California recall is today, the story the last few days has been that Arnold is in the lead but, apparently slipping because of the numerous women that, after years of silence, have now come forward with groping allegations. Where were these women before though? It's not like Arnold was an unknown until he entered the California governors race, he's been rich and famous for a number of years now. Is it because we tend to expect that behavior from movie stars? If that is the case, then these allegations should not be too surprising, after all we knew he was a movie star going in right? Just a thought. Now go read the Michael Moore stuff above and go CUBS!!!!!


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