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Monday, October 13, 2003

The Cubs and why they take so much of my time. I have this friend that lives on the corner of Sheffield and Waveland (strait away center). Every Cubs game, home or away, he has multiple kegs, tv's and food in his front yard. It is quite an amazing experience, especially when you can turn around and see, feel, and hear a packed Wrigley Field. Home run balls are landing within 200 feet of us!

Given their national reputation of loveable losers, and the century of futility as evidence, I don't know if one can truly appreaciate what this means to the city of Chicago without living here. Yes we had the Bulls, and the '85 Bears, but take those away and the Cubs, Sox, and Blackhawks have some of the longest dry spells in sports.
When the Cubs won the division that Saturday afternoon I was at actually at work --yeah on a Saturday! I left to watch the last few innings at home, then when I saw the celebration on the street, I jumped on my bike and rode up there, I had to see what it was like. I saw people cheering, drinking, dancing and puking. And drinking some more. I saw old men, some wiping tears from their eyes, some hugging their wives, lifelong Cubs fans, lifelong witnesses of Cubs failures. But now, there is hope again, real hope that is riding 2 young arms. That is how much this means, that is why there is such a palpable excitement and energy in the air.

More on this when the season is over.


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