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Thursday, September 11, 2003

The new Bin Laden tape. It proves nothing to me. It's old video footage with a voiceover, nothing more. As far as I'm concerned (and you should be too damnit!) Osama is dead until he proves otherwise. Why not release a tape specifically mentioning recent events? Where's the footage of Osama holding yesterday's newspaper? He's dead.

Instead the tape reeks of desperation. Al-Qaeda is in disarray, no attacks on American soil for two years(!), a feat I assumed impossible after 9/11/01. In fact Al-Qaeda is reduced to, essentially bombing in their own backyard since then. As I've said before, the next step is cutting out the middle man and bombing themselves! (We could only hope)

What is noteworthy in the tape however, is a call to the useful idiots. Ayman al-Zawahri, the voiceover throughout the tape and one of bin Laden's top deputies, calls on American mothers, whose sons are in Iraq, to make their voices heard and get the US out of Iraq or else "their sons willl come home in coffins." Clearly a plea for the anti-war movement to help them out. The only hope is that the U.S. will lose their resolve in the quest to remake Iraq and the Middle East into functioning democracies. Make no mistake, preventing a democratic Iraq and Afghanistan is what the Islamo-Fascists need for survival. And the last thing they need is the terror front being fought in Iraq, as it is now. The US occupying Iraq requires the rats to come out of the caves, they must. If Al-Qaeda can't attack US forces while they are in the Middle East they lose their credibility amongst the Arab terrorist street. But this plays right into our hands. Go ahead Osama and friends, make another call for Jihad, send a bunch of Muslim Fundamentalists to Iraq to fight the infidels. They will be killed or captured by armed Marines in Iraq and your dreams of a 12th century theocracy will be further crushed. As the flypaper theory suggests, it is better to have Al-Qeada attacking our Marines in Iraq than our citizens in Anywhere, USA.


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