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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

More on the Flypaper Theory. Winds of Change has a great post, with links to other great posts about the flypaper theory and how it is working. It is clear that more and more of the Islamo-fascists and dreamers of jihad against the west are making their way into Iraq. Many of them Saudis
The focus of concern for US counter-terrorist officials was at first on a reconstituted Ansar al-Islam, the al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group based in northern Iraq before the war. But US officials have recently acknowledged the presence of other foreign fighters in Iraq.

Paul Bremer, the US administrator in Iraq, said recent raids, including one near al-Qaim last month, uncovered fighters "carrying travel documents from a variety of countries".

According to Saad al-Faguih, a UK-based Saudi dissident, the Saudi authorities are concerned that up to 3,000 Saudi men have gone "missing" in the kingdom in two months, although it is not clear how many have crossed into Iraq.

Saudis who have gone to Iraq have established links with sympathetic Iraqis in the northern area between Baghdad, Mosul and Tikrit, where they have hidden in safe-houses, a Saudi Islamist source said on Monday.

Gone "missing"?? Usually in an Arab country the term "missing" is code for "imprisoned, tortured, then killed" by government thugs. (Hint: This is especially so when you see the term wrapped in quotes.) In this case however it probably means they will be killed by Americans in Iraq rather than their heroes that represent that Arab Nationalist Pride they love and protect so dearly. Yes, I am increasingly frustrated about the one at a time deaths of our soldiers in Iraq, but it is clearly preferable to have terrorists attacking our well trained Marines in Iraq than targeting civilians sitting at their desks on a sunny Tuesday morning.


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