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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

I read some Iraqi advice on how those that lost power last week on the East Coast could best deal with it, most of it came off as angry.... er at least snappish. Of course it was also probably goaded out of them by reporters looking for some juicy quotes. I certainly don't want to discount their frustration, but I wish they (Iraqi's) would show a bit more patience. After all, our soldiers are getting shot at on a daily basis trying to clean up the mess they allowed Saddam to build for almost three decades. So, John Cole has some advice for them:
Here are some tips from West Virginia for the suffering Iraqi's:

1.) Quit sabotaging your god damn power transmission sites.

2.) Quit looting your damn country.

3.) Quit shooting your AK in the air out of anger, sadness, joy, jubilation.

4.) Quit shooting your AK at coalition troops and provisional Iraqi police.

Silliness, I tell you. I shall also note, when the power went out, no one went to their local Shi'a Cleric to demand protests and burnings of the American flag. They dealt with it, and tried to be part of the solution.

(link via InstaPundit)


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