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Friday, August 22, 2003

Da Coach! I've lived in Chicago and suburbs my whole life, but I'm a Packer fan. My dad was born a few miles from Lambeau Field and my mom grew up in Janesville, WI. I was named after Paul Hornung and I knew who Vince Lombardi was before I knew what football was. I was raised to hate the Bears, and I did, but I love Mike Ditka. Yeah, I had no good feelings when he was kickin my team's ass through the 80's but you can't be a true football fan and not love Ditka. So, like I said, I love Mike Ditka, and reading this report only reinforces the feeling:
Ditka aid: According to the Las Vegas Sun, Mike Ditka was dining with friends at the MGM Grand when he noticed four soldiers having dinner in the same restaurant. They struck up a conversation, and when Ditka learned they had recently returned from the war in Iraq, he gave each of them a $1,000 chip to gamble and bought their dinner.

Way to go Mike!


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