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Sunday, July 06, 2003

Here's something to feel good about, the Kurds offering coalition soldiers some appreciation and enjoyment for the Fourth.
The "Star-Spangled Banner" is playing over the public address system as the sun sets over Lake Dukan, the American flag is flying, there's roast chicken on the spit, and the picnic tables are heaped high with tomatoes, pickles and mayonnaise salad.

At the microphone, Barham Salih, the prime minister of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, is talking about his admiration for the U.S. Constitution, with its guarantees of government by the consent of the people and its obligations to abolish governments that fail to listen.....

....Pro-U.S. sentiment has grown since April, when coalition forces drove Hussein from power. "U.S.-U.K., Liberators of Iraq from Saddam's Terror," reads a banner at the entrance to central Suleimaniyah, the capital of Kurdistan's lake district.

"We feel liberated. We're very very happy," said Dana Mohammed, the 19-year-old duty manager. "When U.S. soldiers stop by here, they don't have to worry about attacks."

He said the coalition's ouster of Hussein has dramatically raised hopes for a peaceful future in Kurdistan.

"I've been like a blind man during Saddam's time," he said. "Look at my hair. It's already turning gray, and I don't even know how to get on a plane at the airport yet. I haven't done anything. Now the future is very different. I'm free. I can travel, and no one will follow or arrest me."

For obvious reasons, words of those that have actually been liberated by the United States and coalition forces carry much more weight with me than words of those western intellectuals who claim that the "Arab Street" hates us and does not want us meddling. (Cause if they want to live under oppression, that's their choice as a sovereign nation right?)


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