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Thursday, July 24, 2003

Edgar Allan Poe meets Saddam Hussein in the The Tell-Tale Heart?

It sure seems that way over at Big Wig here's an excerpt:
Just six months ago the fear of his sons covered an entire nation. Today they discovered it had shrunken so much that it no longer covered even a single household.
The Americans came for them, and first they shot the walls away, until only piles of dust lay between them and his sons. And then they shot the dust away, and his name and the last hope of his glory floated away with it.
"They fought like heroes!" he tells anyone who will listen, knowing full well they died like dogs, shrieking in agony and rage as the end they had brought to so many others came for them, cradling countless half familiar faces beneath its dark wings.
Faces twisted with hate, faces laughing with glee. Faces promising retribution.
Faces promising more.
Go read it all, you don't want to miss how it ends. This powerful prose deserves some recognition, like maybe publication in an Iraqi newspaper. It would take weeks to list the atrocities these two psychopaths committed. The rapes (some girls as young as 12), tossing men into plastic shredders, the beatings and executions and all the hopes, dreams and souls these two crushed, the ugly stories keep coming out. Damn them.


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