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Thursday, June 19, 2003

It looks like our Modern Female Frederic Bastiat played a not insignificant role in handing the French unions "their greatest humiliation in more than 70 years."

The first of 24 clauses in M Raffarin's bill have been passed in parliament and the government hopes to move speedily in the days to come. Fresh strikes have been called for tomorrow, but M Raffarin has reached the verge of the summer holidays without conceding, while the unions are losing support and have tested public patience to the limit. Public transport and air travel have been repeatedly interrupted and schools, postal and government offices have closed frequently.
On Sunday, 18,000 people marched in Paris to protest against the strikes, led by Sabine Herold, 21, a politics student who has become the public face of the anti-strike movement.
The march has been hailed as a turning point, a moment when resignation at the unions' behaviour finally turned into intolerance.

Good to see France finally making some real market reforms and even better to see the citizenry marching for it. Next thing you know they'll be working on improving their attitudes to get tourism back. Oh look! They already are.


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